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Fan Animatronics/Characters

So I have created two pages by the names of 'Fan Characters' and 'Fan Characters', those will be where your Fan OC characters will be, links will be in there to your Pages also, the pages will also be protected for only Staff to use just in case no Contributers deletes the links and lose what the pages were and find them again.

But any Fan characters/animatronics you have in mind just make them and make sure their link is in the category in the Fan pages for everyone to read. 

There may be more Fan pages soon such as: 'Fan Locations' and 'Fan companies' any of those two its all your choice.

Thank you for reading this thing

So remember to smile,  you are the face of the Wiki. 

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We are the face, and proud to serve.

I'm making a droid page soon.
As long as the pages are appropriate to users
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